The team at DRIVEN is made up of a small group of professional renegades from the world of big advertising. Our account directors and creative thinkers bring with them the experience of working on some of the largest accounts in the world, from global automotive to home furnishing retailers to pizza companies and everything in between. These years of experience and relationships within the industry allow us to draw from the best of the best in ideation. Our creative stable not only includes award-winning writers and art directors, but artists, musicians, strategic thinkers, media planners, and dreamers. All of whom are DRIVEN to deliver cutting-edge solutions for our clients. And for you too, if you let us.

It’s not rocket science, but there is a science to it.

You want the guys who get it right an overwhelming majority of the time.



Kevin Woods

Brian Cusac

John Cymbal

Ken Stock

Principal / Chief Executive Officer

Principal / Chief Creative Officer

Principal / Chief Creative Officer

Nerd / Executive Creative Director

As DRIVEN CEO Kevin is a constant reminder of every budget, deadline and job, working hand in hand with clients to ensure goals, ROI and all that kind of stuff is being handled. He has a let’s-think-this-out, type A personality, believes he’s a better golfer than he is and goes by Woodsy around the office.


After 20 years of creating campaigns for some of the biggest and most enduring brands in the world, Brian says he can sum up his life in ideation in one simple, but brutally honest, thought: “I still can’t believe I get paid to do this stuff.” He’s an award-winning copywriter, a firm believer in not overthinking, and answers to BC—his moniker around the shop.

With over 23 years in the business, John has built a solid reputation on smart thinking and an eye for detail. His “keep it simple” school of art direction has scored awards for him and his clients since he started. When he’s not in creative mode, you can find him wading in a stream with a fishing rod in his hands.

Mazda, Ford, Levi’s, Ebay, PacSun, Ken’s been around the digital block. From installations and mobile apps to social media and enterprise websites, this guy’s been on the ad-side of the internet for as long as brands have been marketing on it.


Products need stuff: packaging, logos, print ads, websites, TV spots, jingles and the like. You want to build a brand, though, and that takes more. It’s the tone of voice you use to respond to comments on your Facebook page. It’s the uniforms your employees wear. It’s how you name your products. It’s your tradeshow booth. It’s the little message on the inside flap of your box that hypes up what’s inside. It’s everything. So, you need a creative team willing and capable of anything. A product is something you buy. A brand is something you rock on your shirt. We’re into those. And supplying those who want to join the ranks.

Sometimes you know what you need, sometimes you don’t. And that’s okay. Together, we’ll determine the best way to get done what you need done for your brand, for your dollar, for your customers and for your product. No matter where you are in the brand-building process.

This is where the rubber meets the road: the execution phase. Where our designers, writers, editors and audio engineers take the job and run their taste-making minds wild ‘til it’s just right.

When creative is all buttoned up, the only thing left to do is show the new stuff off, whether that means getting a package printed, a photo posted, an ad placed or wrapping the files up in a big red bow and passing them off to you. Someone’s getting some shiny new creative.

Identify it

Create It

Supply It

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